using MapViewer from PL/SQL vs Java

From: Lukas <>
Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2007 10:33:10 -0700
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[Quoted] Hi group!

The MapViewer User's Guide has this to say about using MapViewer from PL/SQL:
"The usage model for the SDO_MVCLIENT package is almost identical to
that of
MapViewer JavaBean-based API" etc etc .. "For usage and reference information about specific functions or procedures, see the description of the associated JavaBean-Based API. methods and interfaces in Chapter 4"

If I don't misunderstand the basic concept, in a Java Web App (using the MapViewer Bean) you create a MapViewer object for each HTTP-user- session, like so:
MapViewer mv = new MapViewer(" omserver");
... which you would then store in the user's session object, so that the MapViewer Bean conveniently holds the map's state on the user's behalf.

To do the equivalent in PL/SQL, the User's Guide suggests:
"connect scott/tiger

call sdo_mvclient.createmapviewerclient( '') ;

The preceding example creates, in the current session, a unique MapViewer client
handle to the MapViewer service URL"

Does "current session" refer to the HTTP-user-session? While I've used PL/SQL before, I've not used the PL/SQL Web Toolkit. Is the session handling implicit here (and invisible?) or should the sdo_mvclient be subsequently stored in the PL/SQL equivalent of a (J2EE) HttpSession object?

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