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From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2007 06:39:45 -0700
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Brian Peasland wrote:
> wrote:

[Quoted] >> I know that I can execute a script file (ex. filename.sql) from a
>> batch or SqlPlus console with the command _at_filename.sql
>> There is a command to execute many .sql script files without launch
>> them one to the time?
>> Thank you for the help and sorry for my poor english...

> Wrap the script files in another script. So you might have a script
> called "wrapper.sql" which contains the following lines:
> _at_script1.sql
> _at_script2.sql
> _at_script3.sql
> ...
> _at_scriptN.sql
> Then just run "_at_wrapper" in SQL*Plus. It will execute the scripts in order.
> HTH,
> Brian

In addition they can be run as external jobs using DBMS_SCHEDULER if you have 10g or above.

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