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>an410901_at_anon.penet.fi wrote:
>> ... Normal surveillance
>>"mini-cameras" are quite noticeable and require visible supporting
>>circuitry. It seems to me the best place to put a small video surveillance
>>device would be additional to a piece of electronic equipment such as a TV
>>or video.
>I would imagine it is quite easy to compleatly hida a camera, even in
>a familar enviroment, such as a persons home. You only need a hole the
>size of a pin hole, for the camera to see through.

This is true. I frequently employ private detectives to spy on people (there's a good reason for this and I'll tell you if you guess correctly) and one such detective showed me the latest technology only last week. A small rucksack. One strap of the rucksack has a tiny hole in it that you wouldn't notice unless someone pointed to it. That's the camera: the wires lead into the rucksack itself where there is a video tape recorder little bigger than a Walkman. I don't know if that's what Roger Cook uses but it certainly explains why it is that the subject can look straight into the lens and not realise (s)he's being filmed. Now, I say "latest technology" and I think that's the technology that the police use as well as the retired police who become private detectives, but no doubt the security services have far more sophisticated equipment.



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