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From: Carlos <>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 23:22:03 -0700
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On 17 ago, 08:15, wrote:
> I would like to know 2 things regarding oracle.
> 1)Does Oracle PL/SQL now support the returning of a recordset to the
> business tier by just using a single 'SELECT ColNameList FROM
> tablename', or still I have to use the cumbersome method of declaring
> a ref cursor etc.?
> If it has not been implemented by Oracle, is there any particular
> reason as to not to implement this, I bet the reason would be to allow
> performance enhancements ,but wouldnt it be nice if Oracle provide
> both implementations and then give a statuatory warning or so.
> 2)Is there any GUI tool(similar to SQL Server Profiler) provided by
> Oracle other than 3rd party tools? I specify that its a GUI tool.
> Thanks,
Lot of SQLServer background I guess! ;-)

  1. No. But It's not 'cumbersome', it's simply different.
  2. SQLDeveloper (free).

HTH Cheers.

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