Re: Connect Discoverer to MS SQL Server

From: Marino Ljubic <>
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007 15:15:28 +0200
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> On Mar 26, 12:59 pm, ""
> <> wrote:
>> On 26 mrt, 11:59, wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> > I'm trying to connect Discoverer 10g to MS SQL Server 2000.
>> > I think I know what to in the username and password fields but I can't
>> > figure out what to put in the "Connect" field.
>> > I tried a DSN name, connection string, server name... nothing works!
>> > Please help me out..
>> > TIA,
>> > jake
>> It should be the TNS alias; it's the part defined in tnsnames.ora,
>> before the first equal ("=") sign.
>> I seriously doubt whether you can connect to SQL Server.
> Thanks.
> I guess now I have to figure out how to write the part after the equal
> sign, eh?
> jake

You can connect to MSSQL only indirectly via heterogeneous services, which means you have to create database link in Oracle database using either Oracle Transparent Gateway or Generic Database Connectivity (ODBC, OLE DB).

Before you query data in any data source, you must define it in Discoverer's End User Layer, which is metadata repository. The EUL must be stored in an Oracle database, unless you use some older version of Discoverer. It means you need at least one Oracle instance. You can find more details in Discoverer help, chapter "Discoverer support for non-Oracle databases and Oracle Rdb".

If you want direct access to non-Oracle data sources, you can try Siebel or some other BI tool.

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