process in the gv$session when connecting from TOAD.exe to Oracle

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Date: 21 Dec 2006 13:37:21 -0800
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[Quoted] Hi, there,

I am trying to understand the PROCESS column in the gv$session (or v$session) when I am connecting to the oracle 10g RAC. Here is the result I get: (we have 3 instances in the RAC).

select inst_id, sql_id,process from gv$session where username='TESTUSER' machine='MYDESKTOP';

inst_id   sql_id           process          program
--------  ----------       ------          --------
1          3uch2pddpkqt9   14402            oracle_at_cmc7asfm2 (PZ99)
1          3uch2pddpkqt9   4476:4204        TOAD.exe
2          3uch2pddpkqt9   13278            oracle_at_cmc7asfm2 (PZ99)
3          3uch2pddpkqt9   23207            oracle_at_cmc7asfm2 (PZ99)

In the process column, it is easy to understand the PID 14402, 13278, 23207 are the oracle_pz99_sid processes in the member side. But regarding the 4476:4202 for the TOAD.exe, I don't know what the 4202 part is. After checking the windows processes, I know know the 4476 part in 4476:4202 is the process ID for TOAD.exe.

Anyone know why we get the output like 4476:4202 if we connecting from windows? If we connect from unix, the output will be all single process.

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