Web-based Oracle browsing tool available

From: John K. Hinsdale <hin_at_alma.com>
Date: 20 Dec 2006 18:15:20 -0800
Message-ID: <1166667320.723657.141320_at_48g2000cwx.googlegroups.com>

I've just posted to SourceForge a Web-based tool I've developed and have been using for a few years to browse data in tables and views on Oracle servers. I'm calling it Oracle Table Browser (OTB):


OTB is very rich in functionality, including:

  • Browsing of schemas, tables, views and dynamic SQL queries
  • Filtering, sorting, etc.
  • Editing of tables and table/view comments
  • Automatic generation of schema diagrams
  • Automatic linking of columns based on Oracle foreign keys
  • Simple data profiling (column histograms, % null, etc.)
  • Very advanced query plan display and analysis page
  • Upload files into table from Web
  • Download table/view/query to spreadsheet (Excel)
  • Ability to save/recall SQL queries
  • Access control for read/write at any combination of server, schema and table/view levels

The interface is entirely Web-based, so that once installed, its functions are available to all users on your network who have a Web browser, i. e., all users on your network. ;) OTB works with your Web server's existing authentication mechanism to map user permissions to database objects.

I am interested in having interested users download and attempt to build this first beta release. I can provide assistance to the early adopters and would appreciate any feedback on the installation instructions. This tool has proved very popular in the place I've deployed in industry so far in the past couple years, and I'm please to make it available to everyone via the GNU General Public License (GPL) going forward.


        John Hinsdale

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