Re: Silly little sqlplus question :)

From: <>
Date: 9 Jul 2005 12:48:48 -0700
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Billy wrote:
> grz02 wrote:
> > Now, my problem is that the output file will have a blank line
> > before each row of output, i.e:
> Actually is a linefeed between result sets - thus a linefeed after each
> command submitted by SQL*Plus to Oracle.
> One way around it is to UNION ALL the separate SELECT statements - but
> that may not be possible (different projections cannot be unioned).
> If there is a SQL*Plus command that allows this linefeed to be
> dynamically enabled and disabled, I would like to know too.

set recsep off

to turn it off, and

set recsep wrap

to put it back to default.


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