Re: Transferring Data from Old Database to Excel File Using SQLPLUS

From: Turkbear <>
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 08:50:00 -0500
Message-ID: <> (Alexander Heimann) wrote:

>I have the task ahead of me to map some old data from an old database
>to a new system. I was given this task and no documentation of the
>database. I also only have sqlplus access to the DB. Itis oracle
>I have used the desc 'tablename', to get a feel of the table
>structures. I am planning on just creating some select queries to
>extract the data, spool them and then export them to a .csv file where
>i can then insert into the new database. My question i am having some
>problems with formatting the output of my queries. Do i need to set
>the linesize to a certain height? is there an easy way to figure out
>how wide i need it? the table structure of the first table is as
>follows. I am also not sure how to deal with mapping out the
>constraints. The new system i am importing the data into has a
>modeling feature so if i can get all the data into one flat file i can
>then go from there. Thanks in advance..
>foo_num number(6),
>foo1_num number(6) constraint cpr_nn_orig not null,
>foo2_id number(6) constraint cpr_nn_custid not null,
>foo3 number(2) constraint cpr_nn_severity not null,
>foo4 varchar2(1) constraint cpr_nn_priority not null,
>foo5 varchar2(20) constraint cpr_nn_state not null,
>f006 varchar2(80) default '' constraint cpr_nn_abst not null,
>f007 varchar2(255) constraint cpr_nn_desc not null,
>f008 varchar2(255) default '' constraint cpr_nn_custf not null,
>foo9 varchar2(255) default '' constraint cpr_nn_mcgf not null,
> foo10 varchar2(8) constraint cpr_nn_probtype not null
>foo11 number(6),
>foo12 date,
>foo13 date,
>f0014 date,
>f0015 varchar2(15),
>foo16 varchar2(132),
>foo17 number(6),

What database is the new system using?
If Oracle as well, set up a dblink and use the SqlPlus Copy command to move the tables and the data. Received on Fri Apr 16 2004 - 15:50:00 CEST

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