PL/SQL questions for experiece developper on a simple problem with tables...

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Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 16:21:54 -0400
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[Quoted] My Problem...

i have a type...


	date_rec date,
	ctrl item_specification.ctrl_spec_id%type,
	type_ent varchar2(3),
	ref_ent varchar2(30),
	ref_item varchar2(30),
 	qty_ent number


TYPE qty_table is table of qty index by binary_integer;

i have 4 procedure that return a list of TYPE qty_table....

builpolist(part number,list qty_table );

buildsolist(part number,list2 qty_table );
buildwolist(part number, list3 qty_table);
buildrelist(part number, list4 qty_table);

i want to take the 4 list to create a list list5 sort by date (list5(i).date_rec....)

what is the best way to do that?
sql/table! temporary table? collection?

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