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Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 16:12:40 GMT
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Back in forms 4.5, the margins on the print screen defaulted to 1" all around; they were greyed out, but everything was hunky-dory. In v6, the page setup screen allows you enter your choice of margins. But the defaults are really bizarre! Mine usually show about 9" at the top and 8" on the right. This results in a teeny 1" or 2" screen crunched down on the lower left of the page!! Oracle Support claims this is a Win95 issue; but my other tools have nice logical margin settings! I realize it is very decent of Oracle to 'empower' us to change the margins to any needed value, but it is not very friendly to my unaware users to have such defaults. If anyone knows of any registry settings I can change (or any other things I can check into) PLEASE let me know! I looked for set_application and set_form properties, but saw nothing appropriate...

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