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From: jwh <jwh_at_writeme.com>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 08:59:20 GMT
Message-ID: <IfOw3.33402$ux1.320498_at_news1.rdc1.ab.home.com>

hello all you fellow WebDB users/developers

I have noticed there are no specific newsgroups for this product so I have just created a mailing list if anyone wants to try it out


I was there signing up for another list, something I don't normally do, but then
thought it might be a good way for us to share information about WebDB, especially if it is in a digest form.

I know nothing about running a mailing list, but this "onelist" seems to do it all.
If you do happen to join the list, and have any questions, comments or concerns,
please contact me at jwh_at_writeme.com
and I will see if i can make changes etc... (ie: I think there is advertising automatically included in this service... but will have to try it out first to see what it is like)

thanks for listening!

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