Re: How to calculate free space left in tablespace

From: Jeremy Russell <>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 23:15:13 GMT
Message-ID: <>

The dba_free_space view lists totally unused extents; this does NOT therefore include allocated blocks that are empty. You ought to be able to 'analyze table T compute statistics;', then use the result fields (dba_tables.num_rows, .blocks, .empty_blocks, .avg_space) to figure out the unused space WITHIN each table.

Bear in mind that this will not show unused allocated space in indexes or other object types, nor will this space be easily retrieved for use by other objects.

Hope that helps

Jeremy Russell

On Wed, 18 Aug 1999 22:09:23 GMT, "Seigmund Akinwande Johnson" <> wrote:

>Hi ,
>I would like to know how to calculate the amount of space left in a
>tablespace ?
>using dba_free_space does not help because I have added data into the tables
>in that tablespace
>but still the values are the same.
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