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Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 11:58:17 GMT
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You can create a CSV file of your report by

  1. Appending commas after each field and aliasing the whole query

    select empno ||','|| ename, ||','|| job CSV_Line     from emp;

2 Creating a default tabular layout and embedding commas after each field (a bit more fiddly).

Look at reports help in what settings to do when creating an ascii report.
Remove margins etc.
Save the output to a file.
You can then use OLE automation to kick off excel with this filename.

HTH, Mark

In article <01bee264$f5607960$>,   "Kai Sodemann" <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm working with REPORTS 2.5 and want
> to create a file based on the data that is in the report,
> that can be opened by MS EXCEL.
> Any concepts or basic ideas are welcome.
> Thanx Kai

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