Re: Enterprise Manager: First logon??

From: John Blackburn <>
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 13:51:30 +1000
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John Baima <> wrote in message
> "Rick Jolley" <> wrote:
> >The logins for those users in OEM 1.x are the same as their logins to the
> >database, which are set when you install the database.
> Well, the book basically says that you install the software from the
> CD and then crank up Enterprise Manager. Nowhere in the installation
> did it ask me for passwords. Should I uninstall and do something
> different?

Oracle Enterprise Manager 2 requires a password. When you first login, you should use user sysman with a password of oem_temp. You also need to have a management server set up and running somewhere.

> >>I've just installed the JDeveloper Suite Personal Edition. It includes
> >>the Oracle 8 Enterprise Edition. The book Oracle 8 in 21 days is
> >>included. Day 5 is managing the Oracle RDBMS. The first thing is
> >>starting the Oracle Enterprise Manager. They give some of the default
> >>users: internal, sys, system. Fine. How can I logon the first time
> >>without knowing the passwords??? Help!!!
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