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Date: Mon, 02 Aug 1999 08:00:26 GMT
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In article <qZ0p3.624$3X5.7493_at_insync>,   "Joet Singh" <> wrote:
> I have created a object to generate sequence in webdb 2.0. Now the
> question: How do I get a field to automatically populate with this
> number? I have tried triger and pl/sql statement "before displaying
> but to no avail. When I do try to set a pl/sql statement "before
> page" I get following error WWV-01817. Any suggestions?
Supposing you want to use this sequence in a form, in the first tab (column formatting and validation) simply place the following code in the field "default value": #your_sequence_name.nextval

The # is essential! The next value is automatically displayed in your form.

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