Re: Opinion of Forms

From: Steve Cosner <>
Date: 28 May 1999 06:12:08 GMT
Message-ID: <7ilc3o$q3v$>

In article <vab23.2263$>, Paul Dorsey <> wrote:
>I disagree that it has lots of limitations.
>I agree that it is hard to know how to make it do what you want.
>The only explicit limitations that I see are a lack of cute GUI objects.
>The most serious (IMO) is the lack of a fram object that allows users to
>change column widths and orders at runtime.

Oh, but you ~can~ change column widths and column order -- the QA utility form on my web site gives you that option. But it isn't something you are going to accomplish on every form.

As for my opinion on Forms, you can spend lots of time looking for cute little extra things to do in your application, and lots of time complaining that Forms does not do this or that. Or you can get to work and create an application that people can use easily. Forms provides the capability to do powerful things with your database. It takes some time and patience to learn all that is available, but Forms can be a great tool.

I agree with that using a template is the best way to crank out your applications in less time, and to accomplish a similar "look and feel" between different screens.

Steve Cosner
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