Procedure Builder: where do I define cursors?

From: Walter Dnes <>
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 05:15:26 GMT
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  Our group recently got me a licence for Procedure Builder Win95 client-side version (a subset of Dev2000 2.1). I've managed to re-do some packages/functions that I had previously done "the hard way" with raw SQL/PLUS.   I'm now getting more ambitious and want to go on to bigger projects, which is the justification for buying Procedure Builder in the first place. My current problem is trying to define a cursor for use in a Procedure. I call up the Program Unit Editor, select the "Procedure" radio-button. I get a screen like so...

Procedure foo is


  I'm trying to insert a cursor definition, e.g.



...into the procedure and I'm not having any luck compiling. I'm a newbie to Procedure Builder, so it may be something really simple. How do I succesfully define an explicit cursor? I'd appreciate a hand-holding example the first time.

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