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Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 14:18:53 GMT
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We've got the following problem:
we have to generate a large amount of reports on a oracle database. Partly
they are really complex, so I need the functionality of more than one repeating frame etc. The only (and very big) problem is, that the customer
wants to edit the report after generating in MS-Word. I tried different possibilities like generating the report in MS-Access using ODBC, using VB(A)...but mostly they don't have the needed functionality.
Generating the report using the oracle report builder only leaves the rtf-Format for dataexchange with word. The problem is, that sometimes Word
doesn't open this format, and every textfield in the report is in a frame in
word so that editing is nearly impossible because every frame must be resized and moved.
Oracle knows about this problem, but they will not work on a solution during
the next year(s). Microsoft won't be helpful either because they want us to
use SQL-Server or something like that.
But there must be someone who already solved this problem. Perhaps writing
an own converter to MS-Word doc-format or using a third party product.

If anyone could help me or knows someone who perhaps knows something about
this problem, please answer.


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