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Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 11:01:47 GMT
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Hello Pete,

I have also had a problem with the ODBC driver shipped with Oracle8. Problems that no occurs with the Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle.

The problem was the ODBC driver shipped with Oracle8. So check your version of this ODBC driver.

If you are not a Communist, Lybian or Drug Traffiquer you can download a new version from the Orcale site. Don't laugth, don't get nervous it's true, try it On the Orcale Site...

Have a nice day,


In article <>,   "Pete Giorgio" <> wrote:
> I just installed Oracle 8i on an NT box and am trying to use Oracle's
> driver to connect to the database through ASP and ADO. However,
every time
> I retrieve a Number field in the ASP, I get 0 for the value, no
matter what
> the actual number is. Interestingly, when I do a to_number(column)
in the
> select statement, it works fine.
> When I try the same thing with the Microsoft Oracle ODBC driver, it
> fine.
> Any ideas?
> -pete giorgio

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