export webdb site from NT to Unix

From: Olivier <oveit_at_infeurope.lu>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 16:57:17 +0200
Message-ID: <7h6rs2$qk9$1_at_wanadoo.fr>


I would like to know if anybody knows how to export a WEBDB Site from a NT platform to a Unix Platform.
Our config is :
Oracle 8.0.5 with Webdb 2.0... on NT and Oracle 8.1.5 with OAS and Webdb on a Solaris Machine.

The problem is as followed :

The documentation we have is to thin, the export does not work correctly :
First we had to modify the script sbimport and sbexport, and when we want to access the Site by OAS (from a different listener than Webdb, and with a different DAD) we get the site, but without any pictures, and with some errors when we try to edit the ITEMs. How must we configure the OAS application (cartridge PLSQL) how must we configure the DAD (two DADs or ONE (shema_public and schema_Admin)) ???

Is it possible to just export the entire database tables related to the users who create the WEBDB site ????

Thank you for your help, because until know, nobody was able to help us and this project is for a big customer here in Europe !!

Thank you very much

Best regards,

Frédéric Bordin Received on Mon May 10 1999 - 16:57:17 CEST

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