Should I let Oracle handle user accounts?

From: Tiernan <>
Date: Tue, 04 May 1999 08:54:36 GMT
Message-ID: <7gmckc$oht$>

[Quoted] We are writing a GUI which will connect to Oracle v8.0.4 and now it's time to [Quoted] decide. Do we create our own user table (containing fields such as user_id, [Quoted] password, level etc) and manage the concept of users ourselves or do we create [Quoted] Oracle accounts for each user and have the GUI log in under each user's Oracle account?

[Quoted] The last time I used Oracle we were on v7.3.4 so I'm concerned trhat there [Quoted] are many benefits to the Oracle account approach I'm unaware. Here is what I [Quoted] see as advantages and disadvantages to the Oracle account approach:

ADVANTAGES: No need to design user tables or write code to perofrm password [Quoted] validation. We would effectively be able to audit users by auditing their [Quoted] user accounts (a requirement is that we can trace actions to users). Resolving locks would be easier? DISADVANTAGES: May not be able to meet our [Quoted] future needs (of course they're undefined :).

Has anyone else considered this issue? What factors did you see as most important? What route did you choose in the end (and do you regret it)?

All help gratefully received.


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