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Date: Tue, 04 May 1999 07:44:06 GMT
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> I use Oracle 8.0.5 in Windows NT. I find that two network directories,
> \net80 and \network. Both have TNsnAMES.ORA and listener.ora. What is
[Quoted] > the differences between these two directories?
There was an older product called SQL Net that is the one in \network. If you connect with sqlplus 33w then you use the listener.ora in \network

If you connect with most 80.5 + products you use \net80 I.e. Net8.

It's best to keep both files updated with the same info.

> Moreover, I find that OracleTNSListener80 did not start. I got an error
> message "could not start the OracleTNSListener80 service on \\MACHINE"
> when I start this service manually. However, I find that
> OracleTNSListener start successfully. Why two listeners on the same
> machine? ANd how can start OracleTNSListener80 successfully?

I could never start OracleTNSListener80 eaither and I don't know why it's there. I disable it in the services and run only OracleTNSListener.

[Quoted] Alos I use Net80 easy config. Delete all the entries from it and make up my own. Only TCP\IP protocol and for the required nodes the server must connect with.


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