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From: Robert S. Seiner <rseiner_at_tdan.com>
Date: 1999/05/03
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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The 2nd anniversary issue of The Data Administration Newsletter (TDAN Issue 9.0) will be announced on June 1st. Articles in the new issue will focus on hot topics including knowledge management, the birth of XML, warehouse project management, Y2K, and history of metadata management. Next issue will also include an expanded conference list, an expanded expert panel Q&A section, and several updated sections that are in direct response to reader requests. Look for the next issue to be bigger and better than ever.

Register at no charge to be included on the distribution list. The list is NOT sold to third parties. To register visit http://www.tdan.com/registra.htm. Over 5,000 people have registered on-line.

Please don't wait until the next issue to stop back to the newsletter. A lot of information has been added to the newsletter since the last announcement. TDAN 8.0 has been updated to include:

  • The May 1999 perspective column on the semantics of stewardship.
  • New book reviews including that of Larry English's new book.
  • Updated organization (DAMA, IRMAC, …) meeting announcements.
  • New links and other resources.
  • New job classifieds.
  • And plenty more, …

Prior to the announcement of the 2nd anniversary issue next month, you will find a review of the DAMA International Symposium and TTI Metadata conference, additional book reviews, new links, research notes and reference resources.

Quick notes:

In case you hadn't noticed, a "Letters to the Editor" section was added with TDAN 8.0 to allow readers the opportunity to voice comments and opinions on articles and happenings within the data community. Please take a moment and share your thoughts with other readers. What do you think of the CA/Platinum deal? How are you preparing professionally for the next millennium? Send your letters via e-mail with a subject of "Letters to the Editor". I hope to hear from you.

I am also accepting short columns (<1000 words) that can be added to the monthly perspective section. This section has received extremely positive feedback and can be considered light and typically non-technical reading. I invite you to participate in this forum as well.

Articles are being accepted for future issues. The deadlines to note are August 1 for the September 1 issue and November 1 for the December 1 issue. The end of the year should be an interesting time for everybody in a data-related profession and I look forward to celebrating the new millennium with you. TDAN will collect millennium date and data-related stories from this point through the first quarter of next year and share the best of these tales with you.

Have a terrific month.

Best Regards.
Bob Seiner

Robert S. Seiner
Senior Consultant - CIBER/Spectrum Technology Group, Inc. Publisher - The Data Administration Newsletter (TDAN) Received on Mon May 03 1999 - 00:00:00 CEST

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