Re: Reporting Tools?

From: Paul Dorsey <>
Date: 19 Nov 1998 03:31:44 GMT
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[Quoted] Other than the learning curve, there is nothing wrong with Oracle Reports. [Quoted] It is the most productive reporting tool on the market in the hands of a good developer. SQR is also a serious prodction reporting tool. Pro [Quoted] Reports from Planinum and IQ are reasonable but not as deep as Reports. With [Quoted] Crystal, you will spend a lot of time writing to temp tables because of tool limitations.

[Quoted] Performance problems are usually a function of the developer, not the tool. That is certainly the case with reports as you have a lot of control over how the product behaves. I think Reports is the most unjustly maligned product on the market. Certainly 2.0 sucked, but 2.5 was very productive and [Quoted] usable, and 3.0 is great (mainly because of the templates and wizards).

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Kurt Manecke wrote in message <72vqhb$>...

>Is anyone using any other reporting tools than Oracle Reports? I've looked
>at Crystal Reports and it seems to have some performance problems. I'll be
>looking at SQR from Sqribe next week. Any comments or recommendations would
>be appreciated.
>Kurt Manecke
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