Re: Date Formats in Oracle 8.x

From: Jerry Gitomer <>
Date: 1998/11/16
Message-ID: <72prfd$abv$>#1/1

Hi David,

    Look into the use of the to_char function to convert your dates:

        to_char(col_name, 'MM-DD-YY') should give you the format you are after.

Jerry wrote in message <72id7e$6g$>...
>Hi - we are porting an app from DB2/400 to Oracle. When binding dates to
>strings in the code dates come back mm-dd-yy. Is there a way in Oracle to
>tell the DB to return dates in the same format so that we can avoid
>code. The default in oracle appears to be the entire timestamp which
>our GUI fields.
>David Murphy
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