Re: forms3.0 and ORacle 7.3

From: D.M. Mattix <>
Date: 1997/05/23
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>> Actually it seems yes (and no). Database 7.3 only supports SQL*Net 2 so
>> as another poster indicated you have to have a Forms 3 that supports
>> SQL*Net 2, the OpenVMS version does. When we were attempting to
>> convert Forms 3 to Forms 4.5 we found the developer used 'Copy Reference'
>> which looks for procedures stored in certain database tables. This is
>> under the Forms 3 Designer as 'Save to Database'. This command is not
>> available in Forms 4.5 so the tables are not available. We had to Export
>> the tables after they were populated and import them into the 7.3
>> to get the F45GEN to convert the Forms 3 to Forms 4.5.
> I've had the 'save to database' option working on Form4.5 win3.11.  You
> have to create &  grant the Dev2K database tables first, using the scripts
> supplied on the Dev2k CD rom.  Then you can convert your referenced forms
> to the database, which then allows you to convert the rest.

Yeah, I found that one yesterday after I posted my first response. It is under the Dev2K Admin section of Dev2K not in the Forms Designer like in Forms 3.

It is actually a very powerful technique and probably should be used extensively.

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