aidev Monitoring Plugin v12. for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c & 13c - now available

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Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2017 05:16:05 -0700 (PDT)
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We're pleased to announce that the aidev Monitoring Plugin v12. for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c & 13c is now available.  

In this release ...  

Full UI redesign - cleaner and simpler  

We've overhauled the old design and simplified the look and feel. We hope you like it ...

We've also added punch-out detail view to our Clients and Logs pages. This allows for examination of data content in a separate window, making life easier for grabbing page content when the underlying data is auto-refreshing.    

Database profiler additions

A new page has been added for the mongo database profiler. This allows for the examination of profiler configuration and mining of profiler entries - this assists the identification of long running operations.  

Underpinning this capability is the addition of 14 new profiler metrics, with the UI page capturing data in realtime from the mongod instance.  

From within the UI, users can refine their search down to identify operations running greater than a specific time threshold:  

Users also have the option of enabling profiler metric collection for specific runtime thresholds to allow for the historical examination of performance and the creation of custom performance reports.            

Sharding page enhancements -  

We have added to the existing sharding page, bringing the following capabilities:-

  • monitor connection pool statistics at a shard level
  • monitor connection pool statistics at a host level
  • monitor distributed locks across the shard

New metrics  

We've incorporated the existing published metric extensions previously released for v into this plugin release. This results in a total of 139 metrics being provided by the current plugin version.        

Metric collection - monitoring templates  

We've also created a sample monitoring template for customer use - this can serve as a starting point and help to ensure that metric collection frequency remains appropriate but not unnecessarily heavy.  

This will be available for download from our site.        

If you're interested, get in touch with us ...

We'll be making trials available in the coming days - if you would like to run a no obligation 31 day trial, please let us know _at_ Received on Thu Oct 26 2017 - 14:16:05 CEST

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