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From: Adrian <bulleid_at_ku.gro.lioff>
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2016 20:29:50 +0100
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In message <>, Mladen Gogala <> writes
>I have had a rather unpleasant debate on another forum about Docker. The
>whole thing started when a guy who was asking whether anyone has managed
>to put RAC in Docker containers went berserk after my counter question
>"what would be the point of that?".
>Docker containers are light-weight virtual machines which are allegedly
>much more efficient than the traditional VM's, created by VMWare or Hyper-
>V. I don't see Docker being present in any significant numbers in my
>client environments. Cloud service providers are still using VMWare,
>Hyper-V and they don't seem to being present in any significant numbers,
>I believe that any virtual machine, not only Docker, is a complete
>nonsense when it comes to RAC. RAC needs very fast private interconnect,
>a lot of memory, some of it very fast or global locks will be very slow.
>In the context of Oracle RAC, virtual machines are only good for
>training, VMWare, Hyper V or KVM being much more . easier to manage. Do
>you use Docker for anything except playing with it? How much more
>efficient is Docker? Last but not least, what kind of apps are you
>putting into Docker containers?
>So, is an Oracle database in a Docket container practical or just another
>marketing fad, like agile, DevOps and BAAS (Bug as a service)?
>Also, Docker seems a little bit rough around the edges.

I was briefly looking at the agenda for the UKOUG Tech conference, and appeared to have a couple of sessions on Docker.


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