Re: Tom Kyte a false idol?

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Date: Wed, 04 Mar 2015 20:25:29 +1100
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On 4/03/2015 3:33 AM, wrote:

> I find it extremely irritating how the self appointed

You just said it all in those last two words.

> demonstrate their alleged superiority. However, there's nothing wrong
> with being a capable, smart, hard working Oracle pro, just going
> about your business quietly and efficiently without shouting from
> the mountain tops every 5 minutes about how brilliant you think you
> are.

Ah! Obviously you don't mind being called a "bad dba", do you now? :)

> The sheeple who buy into this are even worse IMO.

Sheeple are sheeple, anywhere and everywhere. Nothing new. They exist everywhere.

> is also true of some of the high profile authors who the sheeple also
> admire and adore.

Oh boy! You should meet some of the new ones... :D On second thought: don't bother. Not only are they open liars, they specialize in the "poor me" victimization caper.

> tuning US tour' where the participants were billed as "performance
> rock stars".

That and many others are the "new black" of the new crowd. It's so ridiculous it begs disbelief. But when you get room fulls of them guzzling down beer and yelling at each other how good they are, there is no stopping the sheeple!

> be the best DBA I can be in my daily work. If I'd been approached
> with this gig, my response would have been, "No. That's extremely
> embarrassing and comes across as being unbelievably arrogant. Bad
> idea. Try again".

I've been invited to the whole "Ace" circus. And have always refused. Mostly on the grounds that I don't like clowns in my professional entourage.
(The REAL reasons are well known, so I won't go into them now)

> 3. From time to time I have scanned TK's AskTom thing and I find many
> of his answers to be quite rude and condescending.

Actually, on the TK aspect I have to disagree. I have met him personally and he came across as a very accessible and humble person, ready and willing to help with anything.

There are without a doubt others in that crowd who I wouldn't give the time of day. But TK is most definitely not one of them!

I've seen him take time between presentations in Australia to answer stuff for AskTom. That requires a spirit and professional dedication that I can only respect!

> the peasant class who'll hang on their every word and defend them to
> the death (ala the replies to Geomancer's 'heretical' post).

Oh boy! You haven't seen the replies to some of mine on oracle-l, have you? :D
(don't bother, I left the place a while ago)

> Just don't get me started on the elitist Oak Table crowd of the
> annual 'love-in' known as Open World. ;-)

Same here... Some excellent people there, but also many clowns.

And I have a great problem with a group of "experts" of which only a few actually profess that tag and produce ANY output.

The rest are just in for the ride. Received on Wed Mar 04 2015 - 10:25:29 CET

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