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From: Drazen Kacar <>
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2014 22:38:25 +0000 (UTC)
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Mladen Gogala wrote:

> On the other hand, there are significant administration and license
> savings. VMWare can be configured to be fault tolerant and clustered,
> which will make your database highly available, without paying for an
> additional standby license.

Are you sure about this? I'm running Postgres in a cloudy environment and haven't looked at Oracle pricing for that at all, but while I was looking for my IaaS provider all candidates were telling me that I didn't want to run Oracle in the cloud because the licensing schemes were a huge problem.

I don't remember the details because I wasn't going to run Oracle, anyway.

And now, here you come, the only person I've ever heard saying that fault tolerance in VMWare doesn't have additional costs.

If it's not a big problem, could you give me an URL for Oracle's pricing scheme which says that?

> Also, you can have "throwaway" development databases which are backed
> up and extinguished if Oracle decides to do a license audit.

Development databases were for free, the last time I checked. Which was a few years ago, admittedly. Has anything changed in the meantime?

> This is as much as I'm willing to write without asking for $120/hr.
> Such discussions and advice are my bread and butter. Happy New Year.

Brother, I'm a poor student from an ex-commie land. Can you give me a discount for old time's sake?

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