Re: problems of reports format on dot matrix printer

From: Jack <>
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 09:01:36 +0300
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>We are doing migration of oracle 6i to 11g but after successful migration
>we took the print out of reports on dot matrix printer but its faded may
>be not >supporting PDF format in parametre form although we tried HTML
>format but failed Kindly assist to solve the issues...


Why did you migrate. Never fix working system. Oracle Developer 6i reports has that character-mode report. Fast and good, nothing can compete that in speed.

Perhaps you could downgrade back. (best option, really) Or use sqlplus to make ASCII-file and copu it to Centronix-port.

 USB is very,very slow.
USB will take some seconds , what ever you do. Centronics do it immediately.
Are you using some barcode thermal printer?

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