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Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2013 07:37:37 -0500
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> On Wed, 23 Jan 2013 20:20:33 -0500, Arne Vajh°j Inscribed upon the Golden
> Tablets of Usenet thusly:
> Additionally, at least one major software outfit, Libre Office, has
> announced their intentions to scrap Java in favor of another solution.
> As it is, only the DB portion of LO relies on Java...

Say what??? How did you come up with that ridiculous conclusion?

What pieces of LibreOffice are written in Java? (The list of java code in LibreOffice is constantly changing. This list was last updated in May 2012)

Java Source Files

  a.. accessibility/
    a.. bridge/
    b.. workben(ch)/
  b.. android/
  c.. apache-commons/ ("Java libraries; used for logging and http/https access in Extensions")

  d.. bean/
  e.. bridges/
  f.. chart2/qa/ (nothing else under chart2)
  g.. cli_ure/qa/climaker/
  h.. codemaker/test/javamaker/
  i.. comphelper/qa/complex/
  j.. connectivity/

    a.. com/sun/star/sdbcx/comp/
    b.. qa/
      a.. complex/connectivity/
      b.. connectivity/tools/
  k.. cppuhelper/qa/propertysetmixin/
  l.. dbaccess/qa/
  m.. desktop/test/deployment/
  n.. embeddedobj/qa/
  o.. embeddedobj/test/
  p.. extensions/qa/
  q.. extensions/test/
  r.. filter/
  s.. forms/qa/
  t.. framework/qa/complex/
  u.. javaunohelper/{test/}com/sun/star/
  v.. jurt/{test/}com/sun/star/
  w.. jurt/workbench/com/sun/star/comp/urlresolver/
  x.. jvmaccess/workbench/java/
  y.. jvmfwk/plugins/sunmajor/pluginlib/
  z.. l10ntools/source/filter/
  aa.. linguistic/qa/complex/linguistic/
  ab.. linguistic/qa/complex/linguistic/
  ac.. nlpsolver/src/com/sun/star/comp/Calc/NLPSolver/
  ad.. nlpsolver/ThirdParty/EvolutionarySolver/src/net/adaptivebox/
  ae.. odk/examples/DevelopersGuide/
  af.. odk/examples/java/
  ag.. odk/source/com/sun/star/lib/loader/
  ah.. package/qa/ofopxmlstorages/
  ai.. package/qa/storages/
  aj.. qadevOOo/ (LOTS of java files in multiple subdirs)
  ak.. reportbuilder/java/com/sun/star/report/
  al.. reportdesign/qa/complex/reportdesign/
  am.. ridljar/ (many files)
  an.. sc/qa/complex/
  ao.. scripting/examples/java/
  ap.. scripting/java/
  aq.. scripting/workben/
  ar.. sfx2/qa/
  as.. smoketest/com/sun/star/comp/smoketest/
  at.. sot/qa/complex/olesimplestorage/
  au.. starmath/qa/unoapi/
  av.. stoc/test/javavm/
  aw.. svl/qa/complex/
  ax.. swext/mediawiki/src/com/sun/star/wiki/
  ay.. sw/qa/complex/
  az.. testtools/
  ba.. toolkit/qa/
  bb.. toolkit/test/accessibility/
  bc.. ucb/qa/complex/
  bd.. ucb/test/com/sun/star/comp/ucb/
  be.. unotest/source/java/org/openoffice/test/
  bf.. unotools/qa/complex/tempfile/
  bg.. unoxml/qa/complex/unoxml/
  bh.. ure/source/uretest/
  bi.. vcl/qa/complex/
  bj.. wizards/com/sun/star/wizards/
  bk.. writerfilter/qa/complex/ooxml/ (2 files)
  bl.. xmerge/source/ (MANY files in many subdirs)
  bm.. xmerge/workben/

  bn.. xmlsecurity/test_docs/tools/httpserv/src/httpserv/   bo.. xmlsecurity/tools/uno/
JAR Files (Compressed Archives included in-tree):
  a.. qadevOOo/testdocs/qadevlibs/JobExecutor.jar
  b.. qadevOOo/testdocs/qadevlibs/MyPersistObjectImpl.jar
  c.. src/8294d6c42e3553229af9934c5c0ed997-stax-api-1.0-2-sources.jar
  d.. xmlsecurity/test_docs/tools/httpserv/dist/httpserv.jar
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23 Jan 2013
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