Re: Unable to shutdown the database

From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2012 04:35:59 +0000 (UTC)
Message-ID: <k77fnf$m5v$>

On Sat, 03 Nov 2012 10:56:15 -0700, John Hurley wrote:

> Block cleanout and various kinds of oracle housekeeping can occur after
> a database restart.

Block cleanout doesn't occur on the instance startup, it occurs when the blocks that need the old lock and session information removed are referenced. That means that the block cleanout will happen during a query, not during the instance start.

The practice of doing abort/start/shutdown is, of course, wrong. The most likely reason for the "hanging" is, of course, recovery. Zigzagdna is an old customer here who seems to be opposed to reading literature and using the accepted methods of testing stuff. This is rather typical example of the self inflicted problems that he usually comes up with. I tend to ignore his posts.

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