Re: Going to Open World in San Francisco? Come two day early and get no charge DB2 tech training with certification testing

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Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2012 08:55:41 -0700 (PDT)
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On Sep 19, 8:14 am, wrote:
> On Thursday, June 14, 2012 12:46:48 PM UTC-4, (unknown) wrote:
> > In a world that is increasingly "big data", extended database skills are a plus.  The DB2 Workshop for Oracle Professionals is designed especially for Oracle professionals to teach the differences and advantages of DB2, while also offering a no-charge certification testing opportunity.
> > This workshop is being held in San Francisco in the 2 days prior to the start of Open World -- so you come a little early and extend your skills to include DB2 by day and enjoy San Francisco by night.
> > Agenda and  Note that space is limited, so I suggest early registration.
> Well I felt that this post was really relevant.  We have run a number of these workshops worldwide and people come out of them pleased with what they learn -- especially because the course

Just because _you_ felt it was relevant just means _you_ are incapable of reading and understanding a group charter. The* hierarchy has a charter, which you could easily find by googling, say: charter

What you might be able to glean from that is cdos (that's the abreviation style that is common on usenet, it stands for, the group where you have now posted twice in violation of the charter) is a technical group, and only technical postings are allowed here. That doesn't mean your post is not allowed, or even not encouraged: it simply means that commercial postings go in, not here. It doesn't matter if they are interesting, or point at an interesting website. Now, one might think there is argument on where to draw the line here, and there have been. So you are also expected to have followed the group and observed the zeitgeist. Personally, I would lean towards allowing posts such as yours, because I'm a liberal. But this has been gone over again and again, the potential for abuse is (and the potential realized has been) so high, that posts like yours are clearly for cdom. It doesn't matter if it is free as in beer.

> is tailored to existing professional database knowledge -- so it doesn't teach what you already know but rather teaches what is different. People coming out of the workshop understand DB2 in a much deeper way and really appreciate the skills and knowledge of the instructors who teach this technical workshop.  The no charge certification testing opportunity helps people validate their skill set -- and increases flexibility when it comes to looking for a new job. In any case I will put it over in marketplace.

Ah, so you do understand what you did wrong. But surely you must have anticipated antipathy posting about a competitor in the group? Surely no one needs Captain Obvious to think it is a provocative gesture to advertise such a class at OOW? So I can only conclude that you and your company are assholes on purpose. I can appreciate that in an underdog.

>  And Big Data is not a bunch of "bullshit" as someone alluded to in this stream. IBM has a bunch of products that help people do more with their data.  Take a look:  And yes, the site does have a professional look done by the marketing people but the products are real.  DB2 plays a role in the solutions. My point is that it doesn't hurt to know more about industry solutions.

That would be me. I'm not looking at your site unless you give one good technical reason why I should. Here's some hints: I work with ERP and MRP enterprise software. I work for people who have long been upset with Oracle. So if your market isn't bullshit for my situation, give me one good reason. Otherwise, all I can do is conclude you are indeed, just a spammer. Time wasting marketeering does hurt. There are also people here (not me so much) who see "certification testing" as a negative marker.


-- is bogus.
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