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> On 8.8.2012. 16:21, Mike Collins wrote:
> > ... reply me if you are comfortable with it.
> What is he try to accomplish ?
> Is he selling resumes? Get commision?
> Boris

Could be, could be he is an H1-B trying to justify staying in the country, could be a clueless newbie, could be following orders, could be a plain old jerk spammer.

There was a famous case of an engineer who disappeared, but someone may have seen him on the way to the airport. So every year his former cow-orkers had a "south seas" party in his honor, thinking he had run off there instead of offing himself. Later it turned out he moved to Florida, then Houston, where he placed a job ad, picked a resume similar to his, found the guy's SSN (IIRC, by sending a paper application), and started working using the new identity. After a couple of years the IRS dinged the ID theft victim for not paying what it thought was the correct amount of taxes, and that's how the a-hole got caught.

What do you really know of the people around you? heh-heh...


_at_home.com is bogus.
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