mysql cluster allows on- line upgrades, is there anything like that in Oracle?

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Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2012 11:13:08 -0700 (PDT)
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My company heavily uses SAP with Oracle as underlying database. They have been wanting to install Oracle paces (e.g., upgrade from Oracle 10.2.0.x to 10.2.0.y) without bringing down Oracle. Oracle runs in data guard configuration. I do not know of any way where Oracle patches which upgrade data dictionary... to be installed on-line (without shutting down SAP). Same will be true even if we were using Oracle RAC.

I was reading about mysql Cluster: It advertises that upgrade of mysql can be done on-line while application is running. Mysql Cluster technology is based on shared nothing architecture which is different from Oracle RAC. That may be the reason MySQL Cluster can do on-line patch installation? Is that correct? I clearly see that an advantage of My SQL high availability even though it may have other shortcomings. IS my understanding correct? I know SAP does not run on mySQL, but I was just curious whether in Oracle there is anyway to install patches on-line when they impact data dictionary. I know some patches which just impact binaries or libraries can be installed on-line, but that is not the case with all patches. I know if one does logical standby, one can do patch installation on-line but logical standby has many restrictions?  

Does Oracle have any HA in shared nothing architecture like mysql custer? Received on Sat Jun 02 2012 - 13:13:08 CDT

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