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From: Noons <>
Date: Sun, 20 May 2012 19:58:08 +1000
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> Guys, you are missing elephant in the room here - cost. How much does that IBM box + storage for it?

No dedicated storage cost. We use a single SAN for everything, its cost is shared. Cost of P6? Around 400K. For a box that runs at last count 12 partitions inside it, each is a db server or app server. With plenty of room to spare. It sits in a standard rack using up 6 pizza slots so infra-strucutre costs are quite low.

> This is pc box that costs less than 3K and doing 1GBytes/sec sustained, which is faster than those 2FC cards.

Yeah, and it's running one system/db/app. I'd like to see it running 12, with spare capacity...

> My buddy is constantly complaining about SUN CPUs failing on a regular basis. The same was my experience with DEC Alphas. When was a last time you have seen Intel CPU failed?

Last week in our Wintel cloud box. We also run a very large HP Intel VMWare-based "private cloud". All the Wintel stuff runs on it. That's all the MSSQL servers plus all app and web servers. Quite a few. That box cost us a LOT more than the P6...

> Sorry, but PCs are way to go and this is where hardware have improved for the last 30 years dramatically.

No way. Any similarity between an original RS6K Power box and the current P7s for example is pure coincidence. They have also evolved, as dramatically as PCs or even more.
The big decider has always been how much one can stash inside one of these boxes. 10 years ago they were dedicated to a single server. Nowadays, everything is either lpars or vio partitions. With room to spare. Sorry, don't know what SUN is doing in that front: it's been more than a decade since I last touched one of them. They never overly impressed me... Received on Sun May 20 2012 - 04:58:08 CDT

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