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>> > SAP had a database product once before that SAP ended up giving to
>> > mySQL to maintain. I can't remember the name so I can search to
>> > see if it still exists.
>> They licensed Software AG's "Adabas D" product (D for Distributed, a
>> totally different product from their mainframe Adabas), and rebranded
>> it first to just SAP DB, later on to MaxDB.
>> The product was developed at the Technical University of Berlin in
>> the 70's, it became a commercial product in the early 80's owned by
>> Nixdorf.
> And what was the basis for Nixdorf's relational DB that was available
> on their Hitachi-based mainframes? Spent a couple of years at Nixdorf
> using that product and now cannot remember its name!

Was that still the independent Nixdorf Computer AG or after it was taken over by Siemens (1990) to form Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme? If the former, I can't help you I'm afraid. SNI mainframes were running BS2000 operating system, that could service a number of database systems, like Siemens own UDS and Sesam, but also Adabas.
The MaxDB product when still owned by Nixdorf was initially called VDN for Verteilte Datenbanksysteme Nixdorf, later renamed to RDS for Relationelles Datenbank Systeme.

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