Re: strange sql select statement

From: Tony Johansson <>
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2011 00:24:03 +0200
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"John Hurley" <> skrev i meddelandet On Jul 4, 9:32 am, "Tony Johansson" <> wrote:
> Hello!
> It's a webbsite using C# and to access a oracle database.
> Below is some piece of the sql select statement that is used and here you
> can see form_slag and I wonder
> how this is possible. This form_slag looks like a variable.
> If I look at this sql select statement just before dataadapter.fill is
> executed I see this form_slag just as it is in the select statement below.
> What seems very strange to me is where is the actual value for this
> form_slag is a given.
> This form_slag must have a value before the dataadapter.fill is executed
> but
> it has not or
> it must be fetched from the database in some way that I don't understand.
> Can anybody explain how this form_slag can be used in the way that it is
> used ?
> select distinct form_nr,
> '2;' as send_ro_roles,
> '2;' || k.kli_klia as roles_and persons,
> k.klia_namn as klient_ansvarig,
> (
> select distinct bizref_check_freq
> from bizrulereference
> where bizref_date =
> (
> select MAX(bizref_date)
> from bizrulereference
> where BIZREF_FORM_TYPE = form_slag
> //Tony

Try getting an oracle trace ( like 10046 ) and put it thru a resource profiler like tkprof etc.

What you have included does not look like a complete SQL statement ( missing some right parens ).

It is pretty standard using variables in a plsql environment at times. Can you define them ahead of time in C#?

This sql statement is just a piece of the whole statement. If I try to write out the form_slag just before statement dataadapter.fill(datatable) the compiler will complain about not knowing about the form_slag.
This form_slag is either defined before the sql statement is executed or defined in the database in some way.
I far as I understand it seems to me that this form_slag is not known before this dataadapter.fill(datatable)
so the definition must be within the database in some way.

Is it possible that the definition of this form_slag is in the database in some way.
The .NET seems to not knowing anything about this form_slag

//Tony Received on Wed Jul 06 2011 - 17:24:03 CDT

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