Re: Am I the only one annoyed by ORA- error message sites?

From: The Boss <>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2011 18:55:09 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

On Jan 22, 1:22 am, John Hurley <> wrote:
> The Boss:
> # Also try this miracle:
> ...
> Not sure it will offer help when searching error-codes, but just give
> it a go with 'oracle burleson' as an example search-string to see what
> it comes up with ...
> Does it include pictures of the famous bloody nose incident?
> All I am seeing in things like circular references and undocumented
> and untested etc ...

When I do a search for 'oracle burleson' (without the quotes) the first result page has 8 links, 5 of them point to Jonathan Lewis website or blog, 2 to asktom and 1 to the orafaq site. Page 2: 5 for JL again, 1 for Tom Kyte, 1 for Kevin Closson and the final one point to an intervew with 'he who's name shouldn't be mentioned'.
Page 3: 3 for JL, 1 asktom, 2 Richard Foote, 1 Pete Finnigan and 1 to amazon to a book written by ... (you guessed it, right?). Page 4: 2 for Charles Hooper, 1 for Kerry Osborne, TomK again and PeteF <...>

See what I'm getting at?
Not even a single link to one of the websites of the guy mentioned in the search string.
Like I said: a miracle ...

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