Re: Direct NFS anyone?

From: The Boss <>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2011 18:37:16 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 22, 2:10 am, joel garry <> wrote:
> On Jan 21, 4:56 pm, The Boss <> wrote:
> > You might try to contact Daniel Morgan, if he is still around.
> > If i'm not mistaken he has been experimenting with Oracle on zSeries a
> > couple years ago.
> I believe he works for Oracle now, he's got a blog:

Ah, thanks!
It seems I remembered correctly, Noons might have look at Dan's blog- post from March 10, 2008.
It also point to the zSeries-Oracle SIG websiteat:
which in turn gives information about the Bootcamp I mentioned before, and - low and behold - this years title for the Bootcamp shows: "Installing Oracle 11gR2 on Linux on IBM System z BOOTcamp" which would imply that 11gR2 is or soon will be available for zSeries at last!
Time to alert my OracleDBA colleagues (and perhaps my previous customers).

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