Re: Direct NFS anyone?

From: Hank M. Higher <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 09:15:12 +0100
Message-ID: <iepnmf$cgc$>

On 20.12.2010 13:57, Gerard H. Pille wrote:
> Noons wrote:
>> Gerard H. Pille wrote,on my timestamp of 20/12/2010 8:14 PM:
>>> I was looking around because of some performance problems with Direct
>>> NFS, but
>>> it seems nobody has problems with Direct NFS.
>> In what OS platform?
>>> Or is nobody using it?
>> Count 1 here.

> It feels great not to be alone. We can form a duo.
> We're testing with Oracles Linux on VMWare, database files hosted by
> NetApp.
> Too many variables to locate the bottleneck. When I ran my test
> yesterday evening, having all systems to myself, performance was 4 times
> better than during working hours.

netapp has docs on using oracle on their storage. use your support account to find them.

anyway, I'd expect many people have complaints about nfs (direct or not) performance with DBMS.

regards Received on Tue Dec 21 2010 - 02:15:12 CST

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