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Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2010 03:44:49 +0100
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Mladen Gogala wrote:
> On Sat, 27 Feb 2010 16:29:48 -0800, John Hurley wrote:
>> All my systems ( except one ... running on solaris ) are
>> running now on ( linux ) and stable.
>> No RAC anywhere.
> If you discount RAC and use available components like Tomcat, JBoss,
> and EJB, there is very little that Oracle 11G can do and significantly
> cheaper 3rd party cannot do. The way I see things, RAC is the only
> thing that Oracle does have and the competition does not have.
> However, with partitioning, RAC, diagnostic & tuning pack, Oracle
> license costs as much as $50000/CPU and that is a heck of a steep
> price. In my opinion, if you want to load 40 tons of something and
> drive it for 100 miles, you need an 18-wheeler. If you need to your
> local store and buy a weekly supply of food & drink for your home,
> you can probably get away with a significantly smaller vehicle. The
> very same principle of the right tool for the right job applies here.
> Other databases are getting better and better and they can do more
> and more. One needs Oracle RDBMS only to do the heavy lifting,
> smaller stuff can be done by other databases. RAC is the only reason
> to go for Oracle RDBMS and not for something much, much cheaper like
> DB2, SQL*Server or Postgres. I am keeping an eye on Windows 7, if
> that proves to be a good and scalable OS and if Microsoft improves
> the OLTP capabilities of the SQL*Server, who knows, things may still
> go the Microsoft way. Postgres is also very potent open source DB,
> perfectly sufficient for the HR department of a medium size company.
> However, if one needs 24x7 client-facing robust OLTP database which
> has to have a near 99.99% uptime, and the ability to support hundreds
> of users, one still needs Oracle RAC.

Well, DB2 for zOS has its Sysplex architecture. And DB2 for LUW has DPF and since october 2009: DB2 pureScale. In case you're really interested, here's some pointers:

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