Re: Licencing terms for students?

From: Paulie <>
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 07:50:40 -0800 (PST)
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On Nov 14, 6:25 am, Tim X <> wrote:

> > I would like to know under what conditions that I
> > (a 4th year undergraduate student at Trinity College
> > Dublin, Ireland) student may (or may not) use Oracle
> > database products for a degree project?

> the first thing I'd do is check that your University doesn't already
> have an Oracle license you can use. Many of the Universities I've done
> work at have pretty generous licensing terms with Oracle.

I've done that - they do have an Entreprise Server available for students, but I wouldn't have the flexibility to be the DBA for my own database, so that's out the window for a start.

> The second thing I'd do is contact Oracle.

I've sent their Irish office an email.

> Possibly offer them copies of your
> thesis or any papers you get published. Maybe even try sweetening the
> pot by saying your qiling to acknowledge Oracle in your
> thesis/publications or possibly agree to a blurb along the lines "This
> research was made possible through the generous contributions of Oracle
> blah blah ...

Good thinking - I didn't put that sort of blurb in my first email, if I do send a second one, I'll be sure to smother them in it!!!

> One thing I have learnt when ealing with Oracle is don't accept the
> first ruling/decision you get if its not satisfactory.

Also a good idea - and not one that is intuitively obvious to the average Joe on the street - one tends to think of large corporations as monoliths - if I do get a first refusal, I might find a "different gal"
to "dance" with me later on...

You're a bonzer bloke!


> Tim
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