Re: Is it possible to have an array in a table? (again)

From: Ramon F Herrera <>
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2009 21:02:11 -0700 (PDT)
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On Aug 22, 4:07 pm, Ramon F Herrera <> wrote:
> Can a table contain data arranged in two dimensions, and accessible
> through a pair of integer subscripts?
> I can live with 1-dimensional arrays, too.
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> -RFH
Thanks to everyone for their help...

I would like to provide a specific example of what I am trying to accomplish. Let's say I run a circus and every day I get the totals sold in a given week.

Categories are: ticket sales, cotton candy, souvenirs, etc.

My application needs to display the sales like this:

Ticket Sales

8/22/2009: $8492.10
8/15/2009: $9024.31
8/8/2009:  $7893.03
8/1/2009:  $8945.67

People keep on recommending the SQL paradigm, but the above looks to me like something that must be handled by arrays.

I need to display the 6 most recent weeks and I keep on pushing the most recent sales figures at the top, while I roll down and eventually drop the oldest data. This kind of think MUST be handled with an index, such as week-1 or week-2.

If I followed the relational model, I would need to hardcode records such as:


That would be a nightmare to code.

So, the question is how to implement the records (with arrays?) for a rolling scenario like the above described.


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