Re: Oracle 8i, copy database on new server and replay redologs

From: Fabrice <>
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 2009 06:50:44 +0200
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Thanks for your answer.

I don't have to let the database open during the night. It have been appeared more easy for me to do a shutdown and make the cold backup. To be sure to have a coherent backup and be abble to retsore at the last point that is to say 01H00PM.

If I decide to do hot backup, when do you do it. ? During the night ? How many time per day ?

For the moment if my data tablespace is corrupted, I can restore it fom the cold backup and do a recover database. The redo of the day will be replay.

WHY do the exports ?
Because, I think it is an another security for me. If my cold backup is not good and/or I loose my production server I can realise an import to an onother instance. As my base is not too big , i can do it. But I 'm not sure it is the best solution. I looking for informations to perhaps change this siutation.

If I want to replay the archivied redo logs of the day with the last night cold backup copy on the second server, how can I do that ? I must not open the database with RESETLOGS. But can youhelp me in the right procedure ?

  • copy the files from cold backup to the new server (srv2) : Init.ora + .dbf files + redologs file + control files.
  • copy redo logs files (.arc) in place on the new server (srv2).
  • And after mount the database. Not open.
  • And how to replay the archivied redo in the cold backup copy on the new server ?

Thnaks for your help.

ddf wrote:

> Comments embedded.
> On Jul 8, 12:35 pm, Fabrice <> wrote:

>> Hello,
>> I have an Oracle database 8i on a Win2003 Server (named SRV1).
>> The database is in archive log mode.
>> The backup is done with :
>> - a "cold backup" every night by the copy of all the files : all the dbf
>> datafiles, control files, redolog file and init file.

> Why, if your database is in archivelog mode, are you taking COLD
> backups??? Taking hot backups will allow you to restore to the
> current point in the redo stream with little effort.
>> - There are two exports by day with the tool EXP.

> Again, if this database is in archivelog mode, WHY do the exports??
> The archivelogs provide everything you'll need to bring a restored
> database current.
>> I have an another server (sort of backup server) named SRV2 with the same
>> installation of Oracle 8i ; The same instance name, the same paths for
>> the files : .dbf, .ctl, redo and init.ora .
>> I can copy all the files of my cold backup from SRV1 to my second server
>> SRV2 and start the instance with the commande : ALTER DATABASE OPEN
>> RESETLOGS; In this case I have my database in state of the last cold
>> backup.

> Yes, and you've discarded any redo information which has not been
> applied, re-initialized the controlfile information regarding the
> online redo logs, cleared those same redo logs and reset the log
> sequence to 1 making it (to my knowledge) impossible to apply any
> prior archivelogs to this database.
>> My question is : Can I replay the archived redologs of the day ?

> No.
>> Explanation :
>> - I have a cold backup of the last night : 01h00 AM.
>> - My production base crash at 12h00 PM.
>> - From 01h00 AM to 12h00 PM, 20 redologs have been archived and save on a
>> network share.
>> --> If I copy my cold backup (from 01h00) on the second server SRV2 and
>> all the archived redo logs to this server (20 files) can tell to Oracle
>> to replay the archived logs on the cold backup before open it ?

> Not if you follow the procedure you described above by opening the
> database resetlogs.
>> I have tried to do a recover database but nothing happen.

> It won't, as the log sequence has been reset to 1 and all redo history
> in the controlfiles has been cleared.
>> Is it possible to do it ?

> No, not after you open the database RESETLOGS.
>> Thanks a lot
>> Fabrice

> David Fitzjarrell
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