Re: ASM disk to physical disk mapping

From: John Hurley <>
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2009 12:03:28 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

On Jul 1, 1:16 pm, Dan <> wrote:


> I checked the views and they give only what I can see in OEM.
> Unfortunately I don't have the create diskgroup statements because I
> stamped and added them to the diskgroup via asmtoolg, a gui-like tool
> that does all the work for you (another reason to do things
> yourself).  I'm still researching this, I'll let you know what I
> find.  I've seen others that lament this difficulty too, so I guess
> it's a known problem.

Don't forget that asm has an alert log file and ( well depending on how long ago they occurred ) many important things that occur to an asm instance ( like creating / mounting / etc diskgroups ) will show up in that alert log.


SQL> alter diskgroup prod_dg1 mount
WARNING: Deprecated privilege SYSDBA for command 'ALTER DISKGROUP MOUNT'
NOTE: cache registered group PROD_DG1 number=1 incarn=0xd954fd6e NOTE: cache began mount (first) of group PROD_DG1 number=1 incarn=0xd954fd6e
WARNING::ASMLIB library not found. See trace file for details.

NOTE: Assigning number (1,1) to disk (/storage/prod_dg1/disk2)
NOTE: Assigning number (1,2) to disk (/storage/prod_dg1/disk3)
NOTE: Assigning number (1,3) to disk (/storage/prod_dg1/disk4)
NOTE: Assigning number (1,0) to disk (/storage/prod_dg1/disk1)
NOTE: start heartbeating (grp 1)

kfdp_query(): 3
kfdp_queryBg(): 3
NOTE: cache opening disk 0 of grp 1: PROD_DG1_0000 path:/storage/ prod_dg1/disk1
NOTE: F1X0 found on disk 0 fcn 0.0
NOTE: cache opening disk 1 of grp 1: PROD_DG1_0001 path:/storage/ prod_dg1/disk2
NOTE: cache opening disk 2 of grp 1: PROD_DG1_0002 path:/storage/ prod_dg1/disk3
NOTE: cache opening disk 3 of grp 1: PROD_DG1_0003 path:/storage/ prod_dg1/disk4
NOTE: cache mounting (first) group 1/0xD954FD6E (PROD_DG1)
NOTE: cache recovered group 1 to fcn 0.129503
NOTE: LGWR attempting to mount thread 1 for diskgroup 1
NOTE: LGWR mounted thread 1 for disk group 1
NOTE: opening chunk 1 at fcn 0.129503 ABA
NOTE: seq=51 blk=6183
NOTE: cache mounting group 1/0xD954FD6E (PROD_DG1) succeeded
NOTE: cache ending mount (success) of group PROD_DG1 number=1
kfdp_query(): 4
kfdp_queryBg(): 4
NOTE: Instance updated compatible.asm to for grp 1 SUCCESS: diskgroup PROD_DG1 was mounted
SUCCESS: alter diskgroup prod_dg1 mount


My output may look a little funny as we are running EMC powerpath on linux and it generates some strange names for devices ( /dev/ emcpower* ) ... I use symbolic links from a directory structure / storage/asm_diskgroup_name to point to the emc power path devices to make it more clear what is being used where. Received on Wed Jul 01 2009 - 14:03:28 CDT

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