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Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 01:09:14 +0200
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Serge Rielau wrote:
> PS: On July 16 I give talk on
> "Enabling applications from Oracle to DB2 the easy way"
> at
> 11:30 AM Eastern / 10:30 AM Central / 8:30 AM Pacific /
> 4:30 PM London / 5:30 PM Munich
> Would love to hear your thoughts in the Q&A afterwards (or before)

It's not even announced yet on the 'labchats' page... Without some more background on the exact subject (and what you are and aren't going to cover), it is difficult to express our thoughts. Do you perhaps have any pointers to some background info? From the "DB2 9.7 Overview" presentation charts (slide 33: Break free with DB2) I got these bullet points that seems to be related to your talk:

  • Support other DBMS's SQL, natively
  • Support other DBMS's procedural language, natively
  • Easily import other DBMS's schemas
  • Support other DBMS's concurrency models
  • Support flexible data typing

Given your background, I'll take it that you will cover at least the first two points (plus the last one), but I for one would be very anxious to know whether you'll also cover the other ones? (especially the one on concurrency)



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