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Date: Fri, 05 Jun 2009 19:36:23 GMT
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> > I am following Oracle patches for Solaris x86. Oracle 10g is being
> > barely touched while patches for Oracle 11g (32 bit version) are
> > starting
> > to show up regularly. There is for Solaris x86, there is even
> > CPU APR '09 for it.
> > Now, the question: given the low quality of Linux OS and a lack of
> > tools,
> > dtrace being the most important one, would it make sense to switch from
> > Linux to Solaris x86? I, for one, would mercilessly ditch Linux in favor
> > of Solaris, provided that such a move would make sense. What do others
> > think
> > of that?

> A bit of curious googling came up with this older
> gem: check out the 4
> years later link at the bottom. The latter points out how few people
> who check out solaris x86 really look at it in terms of multiuser
> servers. "In a sense it isn’t that Solaris on x86 doesn’t scale - it’s
> that personal experimental use doesn’t scale. It’s easy to understand,
> in other words, why someone whose use of ZFS is limited to typing in a
> command on a PC and discovering that “Yeah! I can make a pool”
> wouldn’t intuitively understand what that gets you in a production SAP
> environment. " I'd take the next step, and say that's what you are
> complaining about with linux (and I would agree).
> So would it make sense? It depends on how many other people support
> this way of looking at it.

When oracle is not providing patches and patchsets and new releases of software on certain platforms on a timely basis ( versus other platforms ) ... one really has to question whether one wants to run production systems on that platform.

The dynamics of that whole question with solaris x86 ( really x86 64 for all serious consideration ) are not back in question.

Yes, that is why we got off this platform. We were always several patch levels behind and could not get current patches or could get them 9 to 12 months later. We moved to a mainstream Linux OS. (supported). Jim Received on Fri Jun 05 2009 - 14:36:23 CDT

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